How to Get a Turkish Tourist Visa from the Philippines


(Updated October 2017)


Philippine passport holders, like me, would need a Turkish visa to enter Turkey.  Before the trip, I was looking through the internet on how to do this from the Philippines.  And here’s what I have learned…there is very little information about the application process and requirements, and whatever little information is available, is mostly outdated.  Which is why I’m providing this information here, for all those Filipinos wanting to visit Turkey and needing a Turkish tourist visa.

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Turkish tourist visa from the Philippines

There are two ways to apply for Turkish tourist visa:


1. Apply e-visa online through This is the easiest way to get a Turkish visa.  However, in order to be eligible to apply for a tourist e-visa, you must satisfy the following requirements listed:

visa 1

If you have a valid visa or residence permit from any one of the Schengen countries, or you have a valid US, UK or Ireland visa, then getting a Turkish e-visa will be a breeze.  Just follow through the instructions online and fill up the required fields.  After this, you’ll be prompted to pay online.  The cost is 20 USD.  After payment, your e-visa can then be downloaded.  Print your e-visa and bring on your trip, along with your other travel documents.  Make sure that you satisfy all the pre-requisites and that you can show your valid Schengen, US or UK visa during your travel.


2. If you do not qualify for an e-visa application, you have to apply for a sticker visa (meaning the normal visa that will be stamped on your passport) at the Turkish embassy. Address of the embassy in the Philippines is below:

2268 Paraiso Street, Dasmariñas Village Makati City, 1222 Philippines

The gate to Dasmariñas Village can be reached just as you get down from MRT Magallanes station (you have to cross, if coming from North Avenue or going southbound).

Before going to the embassy, you should already have submitted an online application form and have scheduled appointment.  These can be done through this website:

Do not attempt to go to the embassy without a confirmation e-mail of online appointment.  The guard at the Dasmariñas village gate will not let you in the village without proof of appointment confirmation.


Here are the steps to submitting a pre-application for sticker Turkish tourist visa:


a. Go to

b. At the upper center portion, select Philippines in the “Select Country” drop down list. Then select Turkish Embassy in Manila in the “Select Mission” field.  Next, in the “Make Appointment” beside “Select Mission” field, choose Visa Pre-Application for Foreign Citizens.

c. Part 1: Nationality and Visa Details. Carefully complete the required information, then Save and Proceed.

d. Part 2: Personal Information.  If you are eligible for an e-visa, you can click, “Proceed with e-visa” and you will be directed to  Otherwise, click “Continue online form”.

e. Carefully read the Visa Conditions, as follows, and check “I agree with the statements above.” Completely fill-up your personal details.

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f. After clicking Save and Proceed, you will get this message:

An e-mail will be sent to the email address you indicated, providing you with a Reference Code.  Copy the code and input this to the Reference No. box.

g. Part 3: Contact Information. Completely fill-up all required fields.

h. Part 4: Travel Information. Completely fill-up all required fields.

i. Part 5: Required Documents. Prepare the required documents for a Tourist Visa, as listed above. You will need e-copies of these for uploading in their online system.  Upload the required documents in the “upload documents” page. An acceptable biometric photo is a 2×2 ID photo on a white background.

As indicated in Step e, those applying with sponsor from Turkey should have an invitation letter, with the required information. Other supporting documents from the sponsor could include:

– bank statement

– salary payrolls

– certificate of employment

h. Verify your details and then click Submit.  Download and print your Visa Pre-Application form in pdf format. You need to bring and submit this to the embassy on your scheduled appointment, together with the supporting documents.

In case you haven’t finished and submitted your application, you can later save your uncompleted application form and retrieve your encoded details.  To retrieve this, you can go to “Application/Appointment Status” and enter your Application Reference Number. This is the same reference code emailed to you in Step f.

i. After online submission, you can now schedule for an appointment at the Turkish Embassy in Manila, also through their website. You will see a link for this after your online submission. You will receive an email confirmation of your online application and selected appointment date. Print this, as well, to show the guard at the Dasmariñas village gate and at the Turkish embassy guard.

Bring your printed Application Form, email confirmation of appointment and one set of all the required documents (original and photocopy) and your 2 x 2 photo, at the date of your appointment.

j. Be present at the Dasmariñas village gate at least 30 minutes before your appointment date. If you have a car and a non-resident of the village or arrive through taxi, you will not be able to get through the gate because only the designated service vehicle inside the village is allowed to take you to the embassy.

Dasmariñas village is home to embassies of other countries other than Turkey, like India, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea.  The shuttle service is for all visitors to these embassies.  The shuttle will first take you to the Dasmariñas village administrative office, for you to pay Php 150 (roundtrip).  Expensive, huh?! That’s the way it is! After all, you’re inside the rich and famous’ village.  It is, hence, important to always check that you bring ALL requirements with you.  Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for the transport service each time you go back to the embassy.  The Turkish embassy only accepts visa applicants from 9 to 11 AM.

As for me, aside from the standard requirements, I was asked for my friend’s Turkish e-visa and copy of his passport and visa page (US, Schengen, Ireland or UK).  The consul asked who I’m going with and when she learned that my friend already has an e-visa, she required me to show and submit her the additional documents.

i. Once all documents are accepted, you will be asked to pay for the visa fee, which is 60 USD for single entry tourist visa. A claim stub indicating the date of visa release will be provided. In my case, I got my visa after 7 working days.  Some visa applicants I chatted with informed me that visa processing time varies from 3 days to one week.

That’s it! I hope this information helps you with securing a Turkish tourist visa. Good luck!

If you need a sample Turkey itinerary, check out my 14-day Turkey itinerary here.

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239 thoughts on “How to Get a Turkish Tourist Visa from the Philippines

  1. B

    Hello! Just wanted to ask how far away your appointment was from the date of submission? We just found out that we have to get a sticker visa (we thought a Japan visa is still acceptable for e-visa. Apparently not anymore. :() and the schedule’s a bit tight with the 10 working day processing time. Thank you! 🙂

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi! Yes,they used to honor visa from OECD countries. I was given a release date a week after I submitted the application. You will be provided the date of release on the day you submit complete papers. Good luck!

      1. Lovely

        hi. How about if you have no friend there? You just want to have a tour there by yourself. Is that okay? Is it really required to have an invitation?

        1. findingjing Post author

          Hi Jayvee. Kumuha lang ako ng travel insurance after ma-approve ng visa. You can compare prices and coverages or inquire/purchase online from Pacific Cross, Mapfre Insular, Axa or BPI Travel Insurance.

  2. Jillian Gonzales

    thank you for this information. im far away from manila though and i’m going to have my visa application with the help of a travel agency. I have all the required documents needed. hopefully i can get a visa too.

      1. Jillian

        Sory i forgot the travel agency that i went to but they wont do more help than just assisting to see if you have all the needed documents. Unfortunately you have to personally be there at the embassy since the secretary will ask you some questions. Make sure to have an appointment letter printed out.
        Ps. If this is your first time to travel abroad theres a very minimal chance of getting a turk visa. Hope this helps.

    1. Nanie Catadman

      We have been issued a Schengen visa last year and is already expired(good for 15 days only) Can we use it to support our application for a evisa for Turkey? We planned to travel to Istanbul then Europe early next year.

  3. soithinkicanblog

    Great Info!

    I just had a questions with regards the biometric photo. All my other documents are successfully uploaded but the biometric photo..It’s a 2×2 inch in dimension. I have uploaded it for a number of times already but not successful. I’m wondering if do they have specific instructions as to, not smiling in the photo etc. because i cant find it in their website.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello! I did the same with the biometric photo, also uploaded a 2×2 inch size photo. I checked their website and it appears to have been updated from the time I wrote this blog. I remember they have a side note at the right of the page about biometric photo guidelines and the instructions are quite the same as for any other passport photos (clear image, full face visible, correct white balance, etc.). I checked my visa application form (can be downloaded after you submit successfully online) and the size of the photo is about 5×6 cm cropped version of the 2×2 photo I submitted online. You can probably try resizing your photo to this dimension for online uploading. But the actual photos I submitted at the embassy office is the 2×2 photo.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

      1. soithinkicanblog

        I have finally uploaded it. hehe

        Apparently, it doesn’t accept anything that I have resized in photoshop but when i tried resizing it in Paint, it finally uploaded. Weird. Thanks to you!

        Just one more thing, I am planning to go backpacking for 2 weeks in Turkey on July, do you have a sample itinerary of your trip with the costs? 🙂

        1. findingjing Post author

          Weird nga.hehe.Glad that finally did it. Sure,I can share my itinerary and costs with you. I can probably send you by this weekend as I don’t have my files with me right now.

      2. Ronalyn

        Hi im planning to visit my fiancee in turkey this november. what documents would be needed for applying a tourist visa? Your reply would be appreciated

        1. Michelle

          Hi ronalyn.. Me too,, i was planning to visit my boyfriend in turkey but i do not know how to start..i’m hoping somebody help us…

          1. findingjing Post author

            Hi Ronalyn and Michelle! Sorry for not replying sooner. The procedure and requirements for the application are indicated in this article. Feel free to ask should you need other information not discussed therein.

          2. Gezel

   planning also to visit someone in turkey. And im looking for a travel agency to help me. Do u know someone? Thank u

  4. marika

    Hi jing, how long did it take for you to recieve the email confirmation for the schedule, because we already did schedule but have not recieved the email yet thank you

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello! I remember receiving the confirmation immediately after submission. Do you still have your reference code? I’m not sure about this but maybe you can retry submitting your saved data.

      1. Cherry

        I have a working visa from turkey and i sm planning to go for vication in philippines what is the requirement to back to i need sticker

        1. findingjing Post author

          Hi Cherry! Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question as I only have experience with getting tourist visa from the Philippines. Will your working visa still be valid until you go back to Turkey from the Philippines? You can probably seek assistance from your employer and the Philippine embassy in Turkey.

  5. Lulu

    Hi! Your post is amazing! I’ve been searching for months! The latest I could google was 3 years ago then luckily, I stumbled on your blog. Thank you very much! I will apply next week! 😀

    1. findingjing Post author

      Thanks! I know, I experienced the same thing when I applied this year. The first time I went, I only got as far as the village’s gate because I don’t have appointment and didn’t know the procedures. Good luck on your application. 🙂

  6. Aisha

    Hi jing, just wanted to ask i already got my appointment and went to embassy they took my documents and gave me a receipt indicating the release of my visa , they told me to check my email when i can take my visa but usually itll take 3-4 weeks , does that mean my application is accepted?will it actually takes 3-4 weeks ? im just still bit nervous Thank you

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Aisha! Medyo iba yung naging procedure nung sa akin. March this year lang ako nag-apply. They gave the receipt/ claim stub which indicates the date when I should return to the embassy. Ngayon pala via email na para malaman yung release date. I can’t really tell if that means the application is approved. Meron kasi akong nakasabay, sabay kami ng schedule of (supposed) release. Unfortunately, disapproved daw yung tourist visa application niya. But she thinks that was because she is unemployed that time, may mag-sponsor daw sana sa kanya. The timeline from the time they accepted my documents to the visa release was 5 working days. I wish you good luck on your application. 🙂

      1. Aisha

        Oh i see .. Thank you .. Mejo worried parin kasi ako, 1 month dn ba ung sa claim stub mo ? Or really 5 days lang ? I just applied last aug 18 and according sa receipt ko i can get my visa on sept 19. I applied here in kuala lumpur since my job is here and i have invitation letter from turkey.

        1. findingjing Post author

          Ah, kaya pala mas matagal kasi sa KL galing yung application. Hehe. Yes, 5 (working) days yung sa akin, pero sa embassy sa Magallanes ako dumiretso. If the receipt says you can claim the visa on that date, then let’s keep a positive mind that you’re visa will be or has been approved. 🙂

          1. Aisha

            OMG! hopefully thank you jing your blog is really helpful, ive been searching for months for an updated blog regarding on applying turkish visa. XD..ang tagal nga lang nung sakin 3-4 weeks pa bgo marelease :/

  7. Wena

    Hi Jing! I applied for a tourist visa to Turkey as well, I completed all requirements and was also given a claim stub dated 2 weeks from the day i applied. When I went back to claim it, what i saw is a very small stamp on my passport indicating the date i applied for the visa. so i really cannot tell if i was approved or not. I was thinking na dapat naka indicate sa visa yung date of entry and kung how many days ako…am i rightt? i was calling the consulate to seek clarification pero no one’s picking up. I hope you can help me…my flight it ever is on Sept 10 already.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello! The size of my sticker visa was almost a full page of the passport, with duration of validity. I am not sure about the small stamp, but it is best to clarify with them personally. I hope you’ll have the approval soon.

    2. Jillian Gonzales

      Hi wena. I also got the same small stamp with a date after i applied for visa. I wasnt able to clarify why i got this to the embassy, coz my travel agent claimed my passport for me. The agent told me that the embassy didnt give visa but there was no reason why. For sure my documents are complete. Oh and i applied last july. After that i cancelled my tickets.

    3. Jillian Gonzales

      Hi wena, I also have the same experience as you. my documents were complete i have sponsors my turkish bf and my parents also i work as a virtual assistant. I was given a claim stub then on the release date they returned my passport and had a small stamp on my visa with a date. Do you have any updates? I wasnt able to clarify it to the embassy since my travel agent claimed it for me. unfortunately i bought my tickets already after that incident i cancelled everything. oh an i applied last july 2016

  8. Nestor Angelus (@nestlydelcarmen)

    Hi Jing! Ask ko lang, had you booked an airfare tickets before getting Turkey visa or nag reserve ka lang ng airfare tickets? If you did reserve, what airline? I am thinking kasi baka mamaya madeny, sayang naman ung airfare tickets.. Also, may tour package ka ba or DIY lang? If DIY, can you share your itinerary with me para may mapag refer-an ako. Thank you 🙂

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi po. Yes, I had a confirmed booking on Qatar airways when I applied for the visa. Yung transfers po namin from one city/region to the next ay DIY lang po. Some days, we went for a one-day tour kasi mas makakamura po kami. For Istanbul po DIY lang lahat. Send me your email po sa, I can share my itinerary.

      1. Annalyn BUnales

        Hi jing! My fiancee inviting me to visit his family is Turkey. And I applied tourist visa. Tomorrow is my schedule to claim it. I just confused right coz when I check the status of my viss online. It’s saying that under process of being completed. Well hope they approved my visa.

  9. yang

    Hi Jing. I cant apply personally po. Pwede po bang ang mag-lodge ng application ko at mag-appear sa embassy ay yung friend ko? salamat po.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Yang, sorry I can’t give precise answer to your question. I’m not sure whether they accept proxies. Normally po kasi personal appearance is a requirement. Otherwise, it has to be an accredited travel agency to apply on your behalf. You may call the embassy po para sure.

  10. len

    hi ,

    ask ko sana reagrding dun sa pagprint ng applciation form online, nung pinrint ko na kasi ung form, ung picture halos sobra liit lang, kailangan ba dun sa printed applcation form, dapat 2×2 din ung printed size ng photo ?

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Len. ang tanda ko po ay hindi naman saktong 2×2 yung print size. Bring the original 2×2 po na ini-scan nyo for the application. Hihingin din naman po nila yun.

  11. Oguz

    Hello Jing , first of all thank you for all information you present and nice thoughts about my country Turkey , ı need a little help from you and anybody who reads this , my gf is from Philipinnes and she wants to visit Turkey to see my family and me 🙂 . I sent an invitation letter to her and she aplied for visa 3 weeks ago . Last friday she went to embassy to get back her passport but unfortunately she was denied 🙁 ,worst thing is we had already bought ticket .

    And there is a girl there who is really unkind , her name is Gladys , Anyways i wanna ask how do you get a tourist visa ? how much money should she has in her bank account ? or she should ask for help from an travel agency ? what do you suggest ?

    Thank you very much for reply

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi! Thanks for your message. I don’t know your circumstances but did the embassy tell your gf why the visa was denied? The e-visa site indicates at least $50/day of stay pocket money. If the trip will be sponsored, additional documents would be that attesting the sponsor’s income status. I have applied for a tourist visa just once and for me, it’s best to seek advise from a travel agent. Good luck and all the best!

      1. Jan

        hi Jing I have the same experience with Oguz. I applied also for tourist visa last June 2018 with original invitation Stamp in turkey of my turkish friend together all his docs and bank docs and ID. We are friends for more than 2yrs. He is married in turkey but legally separated he is always visit me here in Manila for 3times in a yr to explore and know about philippines. That’s y he wants me also to see the turkey. when I apply a visa we go to embassy togther with my turkish friend we gave all his docs and my docs fr work. They never ask anything about our docs. Specially him they don’t interview. The lady just get the docs and 60$Fee that’s it. She gave me stamp after 10workings days when I come back i get deny. And my friend so disappointed about the visa. And now 6 mons ago he wants me to reapply again but without his documents. I will apply using my own docs. But I have only less than 3,000€ in my account I saved that money from my 12yrs work in my previous company. Now I am working different company but under agency an I am earning like basic salary since I am new like almost 2yrs under agency. I don’t have properties under my name.
        The question is do u think I can get the visa now if I will reapply again????, since I’m earning like basic salary per month, although I have 3000€ in Bank. No properties under my name.
        And do u think that’s y I get denied at first time because my friend is married in turkey? That’s y now I have to reapply without his documents.
        Hope I can get response.
        Thanks and advance…

          1. findingjing Post author

            Hello! Sorry po i only applied visa once so honestly, di ko po masagot yung tanong nyo about your chances of being approved. Ang nakalagay po sa evisa application, at least 50 usd per day ang dapat maipakita as proof of capacity to pay for own travel,so you can use that as initial basis. You can try po applying without sponsorship.

  12. Maria valerie

    Good day po miss jing,mag aaplt po ako ng toyristvisa sa turkey atmay nagsponsor po sa akin yung bf ko po, yung concern ko lang po anu ba kailangan ko ipasa na documents? Kailangan ko pa ba ng employment cert orhindi na? Yung pera ko sa banko ay 60k lang,ok na ba yun? I need your advise po.thanks

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Roxie! I paid for my travel insurance after securing the visa. However, I already asked quotations from travel insurance providers and I attached one of this in my application documents. I don’t know if that helped but you can say that you’ll get the insurance after getting a visa.

  13. Mercy Kay Talao

    Hi Jing, i just wanna ask if what is the right name of embassy to put in the bank cert. im afraid kasi na baka magkamali ako sa pag request sa bank.thank you

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello Ayla. I did not have a sponsor pero ito yung in-email sa akin after masubmit yung application online, para sa mga dadalhin sa embassy sa appointment date:

      Do not forget to bring the following documents with you!

      1. Visa Application Form
      2. Biometric Photo
      3. Documents attesting to the income status of the applicant and inviting person
      4. Flight Reservation
      5. Hotel Booking or Invitation
      6. Supporting document on the applicant’s commitment to return (Land registry, business certificate, salary table, bank account statement)

      1. Rox

        Hi jing yung number, what kind of document is that? Para sa walang sponsor? At yung supporting documents, un b yung kung anu lang available na merun ka?

        1. findingjing Post author

          Yan yung nareceive ko sa email, no sponsor. For documents attesting to income status, I submitted my annual ITR. Then yung supporting docs, I submitted my bank statement.

  14. Joan

    Hi po.. Tanong lng po ako.. May online form na po ako at na fillup ko na din lahat at ung mga ducuments po.. After appoiment po di cla nag email sa confirmation i only got the confirmation if i check reference number..

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Joan. Did u receive email na may nakalagay na confirmation ng appointment? Yun ang ipiprint at ipapakita sa guard. If not, try rechecking your online application kung na-submit na.

  15. Sela

    Hi guys FYI lang po in US dollar na ang payment ng Turkish visa. 60 usd for tourist. Kindly bring payment in USD. Starting January 2017. Papabalikan ka pa nila if wala kang dalang dollar

      1. ayla kapili

        kapag po ba pangalawang punta na sa turkey malaki po ba ang chance na mabigyan ng visa and ilang months po kya?ung una q po kc apply na nbigyan aq ng viaa eh last year sa oman po aq nag apply.

        1. Kylie

          Hi Joan,

          Is your VISA approved? im really worried altho im holding a JAPAN multiple entry visa at may mga sdtamp din old and new passport ko,

  16. Jocelyn

    Hi. Guys,, i have a question for sure, based po s experience nio.. Thanks ms.jing,,

    I have turkish bf, he will sent me an invation letter, then i ask if had invation how much to spend, then what are requirements? How many days process? And kelangan po b ng show money khit may invation n.. Ano p need iprovide ng bf ko pra isahang process nlng.. Slamat and God bless guys..


  17. Michelle lynn Yuro

    Hi,there ask ko lang po,i am planning to go to Turkey with my Bf,..Need pa talaga nila yung booking ng hotel as a requirement?Kasi may sa Yacht lang ksi ako ng bf mo magstay.Ang hirap ksi magpaliwanag na iba ung treatment if you are holding a Philippine passport,e compare nya kasi sa akin ung passpprt nya sa Iceland na easy lang sa knya magtravel..

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Michelle. Sorry for the late reply. My suggestion is to get a booking that you can cancel for free, or you can just explain that to the embassy officer who will interview you when you submit the application.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Rori! I don’t have a solid basis for this but I think 90 days before the travel should be fine. If you’re taking the e-visa application, I think they give 6 months validity for short stays. However, for the application lodged at the embassy, as for mine, they granted me validity dates that are exactly the same period as with my plane ticket itinerary. Just to be sure, submit docs (e.g. bank statements) that are fresh from the date you will apply.

      1. Rori

        Thank you for replying! My schengen visa is already expired so I’m planning to apply at the embassy! Btw, did you already buy your ticket at the Qatar Airways prior to your application or did you just reserve it? Thanks!

  18. Anne

    Hi hello po..iba na talaga ngayon..nag apply ako noong feb.6 for tourist visa to turkey at pagbigay ko sa mga requirements agad kinuha at nag ask sa akin ung lady na nag work ba daw ako ..sabi ko wla na, dati nagwork ako, un lng tapos na, masungit ung lady don prepare lng kayo sa kanya heheh..tapos binigyan niya ako nag papel para sa release date. Feb.20 tinawagan ng bf jo ang embassy kung ok na ba or aprove ba o hindi..di nila sinasabi kailangan daw andun ako at tyaka ko lng layu kami nasa may pinsan ako sa manila at nkiusap ako sa kanya na cya lng yon..denied ang visa ko..ngtanong pinsan ko kung wlang sagot bigla lng ung turkish kay doon mabait talaga yon..tumakbo at hinabol pinsan ko..sabi eh masmabuti kasal daw kami sa bf ko mas maaaprove daw sabi pa na in one month wla daw cyang narinig na inaaproved ung visa na tourist visa..

  19. jelai

    Just want to add that day to day itinerary is needed as well as NSO Birth Certificate
    And yes, payment will have to be 60 in US Dollars

    1. mel

      Hi miss Jelai ask ko lang sana if was it this year yan na new requirements add-on? Am going to apply for visa again kasi.. last year walang requirements so far na add on day to day itin.. Thanks. 🙂

  20. Tin

    Hi Jing! Is medical insurance required? If yes, may recommendation ka ba for this? kung saan pwede mag apply na ang cover lang is temporary, during the stay lang. Thanks! Regards

  21. romanticwish

    Hi, im planning to apply a turkish visa and i have a sponsor. Ive travelled in Asutralia before, will this be a good chance of getting a visa? I would also like to asked since one of their requirement Is the COE, my last COE was from my last job, is it okey to submit that docs? Im currently unemployed. Thanks jing. Would you also reccommend any travel agency? Thank you

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi! I only applied once and I honestly am not sure of the weight of factors for visa issuance such as capacity to fund travel and employment record. May sponsor ka naman po so the burden of proof of capacity to fund your travel will probably be more of your sponsor’s. But it also helps din yata if you are also employed,as reason naman for return. Wala rin po akong marecommend na travel agency as I did not used one po when I applied.

  22. James

    Hello. Just wanna reinforce the 60USD single entry payment as told by Jelai. And also, I read in the guard’s office in the embassy the need for a 30k euro travel insurance.

  23. lanz

    Hello po Ms. Jing,
    I’m working here at Turkey invite po ng employer ko yung husband ko gusto ko lang po malaman Un requirements and procedure para ma approved po un visa nya wla po work sa pinas I need your advice
    Thanks p.o.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello Lanz! I’ve only tried applying for tourist visa without invitation/ sponsor so I’m afraid I cannot provide the complete list of requirements. I think yung requirements po ay makikita kapag nag fill-up na ng application online.

  24. Amy

    The Kabbalah string-wearing Filpino embassy staff there (not sure if she’s the consul) looks so miserable and unhappy in life, and just downright unpleasant and haughty to everyone. String is obviously not working to ward her off negative energies coz she’s a ball of negative aura herself, lol

  25. Kylie

    Hi Jing,

    I love reading this blog, im planning to apply, plan trip will be aug. help nman po sa daily itin pls and i would like to know also may ibang visa ba passport mo before you apply? What do you think are tge reasons kaya nadedeny visa sa turkey?

      1. Kylie

        Hi jing,

        Thanks for this, im planning 14 – 15 days din sana. Did you pre bookd your flight to Nevsehir Airport as well, plan ko n kc sana mag book ng ticket pero aug ko p plan pmunta. Mura kc ng ticket to istanbul can get 600usd round trip.

        1. findingjing Post author

          Hi again. Yes, i already booked the local flights to Turkey as well. I used Turkish airlines and Pegasus Airlines sa local flights kasi mura sya relatively (U can check sa itinerary link, I included the cost).

          1. findingjing Post author

            Hi Tel! I applied in 2016 and payment was still in pesos. Other readers here who applied more recently have advised applicants to bring USD.

  26. Michelle lynn Yuro

    Hi ,its me again ask ko lang Jig if how many days yung binigay sayo for Turkish tourist visa?Try to book online kasi so i can fix my date sa booking ng airfare..I am confused nga sa requirements to ksi may police clearance from TRNC pa. I have to call the embassy in Manila where can i get it…Thanks

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello! Sakto sa arrival in Turkey and departure from Turkey yung binigay sa aking visa. I was not required the police clearance. How many days po ang plan nyo sa Turkey? I only have 14 days, di naman ako ni-require dati (March 2016).

  27. Phoebe

    Hello ms. Jing. I applied for the tourist visa as well but i really would like to stay for a month. Do you think they will give it to me? Plus i have read some comments that you will only know on the day of the date they gave you if you have been approved or not, If you have been denied, then what is the purpose of paying the $60 processing fee? Its like you’re paying for nothing really. Unless they give it back. Hoping for your help. Thank You

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Phoebe. I really can’t answer because it’s still the discretion of the embassy. The processing fee is unfortunately non-refundable. Even if they deny the applicants a visa, they still have to go over the same review process. It’s like that also, say for US visa. Anyway, good luck po onyour application. 🙂

        1. Kylie

          Hi Phoebe, were you able to get turkish visa?
          Im also worried kung ganon b cla kahigpit as us or schengen visa
          Im planning to visit turkey by aug as a tourist kc.

    1. Kylie

      Hi Ms. Rhea, when do you plan to visit Turkey? im planning to apply visa too for Aug 17 – 30 may ticket na ako pero i hope i will ba able to get a visa.
      baka mas madali kung group tour gusto mo sabay tayo apply visa?

  28. thewanderinggem

    Hi miss Jing. I was so happy reading your blog about visa processing to Turkey because I was reading some blogs and most of them were outdated. Anyway, I just want to know if itinerary and hotel reservation is required in the visa application. I used to work in Qatar before and came back to Philippines last November 2016. I am currently employed though here in the Philippines. My Turkish boyfriend (whom I met in Qatar) wants me to see his country and meet his family. He will obviously provide the accommodation. So I just wanna know if the embassy is strict on asking for hotel reservation and/or itinerary. Please… I really wanna know so that I don’t need to book a hotel.

    1. Rachiel

      Hello. We have same situation. But I am here in Kuwait and I am planning to come home in Philippines next month and apply turkey visa there. What visa did you take? Did turkish embassy have sponsor visa?

  29. Flordeliz Villavicencio

    Hi miss jing.. Im really glad sa pag shashare mo ng mga experiences mo while applying for turkish visa.. Thank you so much very informative at very helpful.. Just want to ask if i was invited by a turkiah national need pb na meron kme parehong bank certificates o pdeng sa kanya nlng manggagaling yun? Thank you so much

    1. iris oliva

      Hello po, ask ko po sana kung kailangang bumili na ng ticket or kahit reservation lang muna and pati sa hotel, kasi I’m thinking panu kung hindi magrant visa , sayang lang ticket and hotel. thank you in advance for your answer

  30. cheddy

    hi ms.jing!!
    i want to ask what if my Turkish husband is here in Philippines then he want me to go with him in turkey what are those possible requirements we should provide then. We are married only in islam and the embassy is not accepting me to apply for a husband i want to apply for tourist visa.. can you provide me for some details here’s my email add

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Cheddy! Is your Turkish husband working in the Philippines or just visiting? If he’s working in Turkey, then I’ve already listed the possible documents that may be required for your Turkish husband, plus the requirements that you should be able to show.

      1. cheddy

        well actually he’s here in the Philippines he is also a resident here and we are living together.. anyway thank you for your response ..take care

  31. lynnbayocboc

    Hi there, its nice reading your blog….ask ko lang po about sa e- visa that can obtained online. I have a valid uk visa but will expire on june 21, and I’m planning to go to stanbul on june 17th until june 24th. I’m not sure what they mean about the validity of the visa. My uk visa will expire on june 21 but will stay stanbul until 24th. Do I’m still eligible to get an e-visa online? or It needs to be valid during my entire stay in turkey…Salamat po.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello! Thanks for reading 🙂 My understanding is that your UK visa should be valid during the duration of your intended travel. I know it would be late to suggest moving your travel dates earlier.

  32. Dear

    Hello co-tourist travelers hehe like me.. Tips lang sa requirements for this year para sa normal sticker visa (updated 2017).. so far i already applied twice and approved naman :)..
    1. Printed appointment page (yong may congratulations be on time atleast 15mins on your date you choose keme.
    2. Printed online application form of course.
    3. COE
    4. ITR
    5. Bank certificate not bank statement much better if 100k up (50k up if dami ng stamped passport mo)
    6. Bank account statement of the invitee
    7. ID and Payslip ng nag.invite sa’yo
    8. Confirmed flight ticket dapat may “eticket numbers”
    9. Hotel reservations not needed if invited ka (if not invited book thru third party site pay later free cancellation)
    10. Insurance..accredited like bluecross malayan
    11. 60usd not php currency
    12. NSO or yong PSA birthcert na ngayon
    13. Day to day itinerary (again bok your htls paylater free cx)
    14. 2×2 pic (2pcs)
    15. Ballpen haha kasi you are going to write something sa claim stub
    16. Passport front page lang photocopy
    17. Of course your passport bring it
    18. Dress presentably embassy yang pupuntahan mo hindi mall or palengke
    19. Smile.. Yes smile, say good am/pm. Gladys is strict talaga pero tactic din yan nila na stiff yong pag.apply pabalik-balik dahil alam mo na “money”..yong fare sa shuttle haha.
    20. Sa pic pa la pag.upload online di sya 2×2, visa schengen sya na size.
    Hope these helps para same day lang process.
    Normal application lang to..if you are unemployed walang coe or itr mahirap, big chance declined pero try lang even if may bank cert ka pa. 🙂

    1. findingjing Post author

      Haha! super thanks for this, dear! You’ve listed a pretty comprehensive list of things to prepare and do for Turkish visa application. Will update my blog to include whatever’s missing in my blog. And yes…always wear a SMILE. 🙂

      1. MarzWander

        Hello Dear. I will apply for visa for my travel on Aug 10. Gano katagal ngayon ang processing? Nakareserve ako ng flight til July 11 with reference number, tatanggapin ba sya? At regarding sa itinerary, does anyone have a sample that can be used for visa application? Nag iisip kasi ako kung kukuha nalang ng 11-day tour at kung may mga need n internal flight, kelangan din nila ng tickets para dun? Please help. First time ko din kasi mg apply for a tourist visa.

        1. findingjing Post author

          Hello MarzWander! I applied in March 2016 and the processing took 5 working days. Yes, you can use your reserved flight booking for visa application. Here’s my sample itinerary for 14 days You can modify based on your preferences. For internal flights, I already purchased before I applied the visa. May nakita kasi akong murang fare (Php 800 plus one-way, Pegasus Airlines). Pero yun nga, I took the risk here kasi wla pa akong visa when I purchased. If you’re getting the tour package, you can just submit the itinerary from the tour operator. Most likely,domestic flights or transfers/land transpo is included naman yata sa package, so you don’t have to show domestic air tickets. Hope this helps. 🙂

          1. MarzWander

            Thank you Jing! I am currently unemployed. Do I need to submit my latest ITR? Would it be okay if bank certificate lang masubmit ko for the income status nd to support my tourist visit?

          2. findingjing Post author

            Yes, you can submit your ITR, better if you have for 2016. Also submit your bank certificate. Being employed will be to your favor but you can still try as long as you can prove you or your host, kung meron, can support yourself/you.

        2. Dear

          Hi Marz 🙂 ..I applied last May then my Bro just applied this month June 2017.. It took me 2weeks to be exact to claimed my passport with visa sticker. For example, if you applied July 03 the releasing date would be July 17 or 18.. Yes they would still accept it if you applied July 03 pero ang flight is July 11 na, once tapos ka na sa pag.apply need mo pa rin to resched your flight. Regarding internal flight no need na may confirmation or flight book ka just state lang kung anong flt no. and what airline sasakyan mo. like Pegasus 707 IST-ESB 7AM. Hope this helps a bit. 🙂

          1. Jozeny

            Hello Dear,
            Wala bang way to expedite yung release ng visa? I submitted my requirements today and they claim stub is on Sept 7 but my flight to Japan will be on Sept 5 then from Japan to Turkey will be Sept 7.. its a group visit and also sponsored yung ticket ko what shall I do?

    2. Ling

      HI Miss Jing, I will be applying for a tourist visa and i am invited by my bf’s father. My questions are:
      1.needed pa ba ang day to day itinerary kahit invited?
      2. kailangan ba magfile ng leave of absence for the proposed date of visit kung employed?

    3. princess

      hi, how many days did you get ur passport and sticker visa after submitting the complete documents? The earliest appointment on the Turkish Embassy website wen applied last November 25 was December 8 and my flight is on December 19.

  33. Ann

    hi jing… wow, im so happy i found this blog. at least now I have an idea of what to do… May I know your itinerary. may you please send it to I am planning to stay for 30 days in turkey, does it mean I should provide my hotel booking for 30 days? actually I have a close friend in turkey and she wants me to stay in their house. Thanks a lot.

  34. Shela

    hi, im shela. do i have to buy a travel insurance before applying for a travel visa? and my monthly pay is minimal although i was able to save from previous employment which will suffice a daily minimum expense of 50USD. and i have a cousin in turkey. her family wants me to stay in their apartment.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Shela. I’m so sorry for not replying sooner. Got caught up with my “real job”. You can buy your travel insurance once you have an approved visa, just like I did. 50 USD per day is fine. You can submit sponsor documents (listed in the above article) if your cousin will sponsor your accommodation. Or you could also check online booking websites that provide free cancellation so you can use the booking reservations just for visa application purpose.

  35. yohan aki

    hi, im shela. do i have to buy a travel insurance before applying for a travel visa? and my monthly pay is minimal although i was able to save from previous employment which will suffice a daily minimum expense of 50USD. and i have a cousin in turkey. her family wants me to stay in their apartment. does that mean i still should provide for a hotel booking?

  36. lynnbayocboc

    ahhh really? hmm they should explained that visa must covers the period of intended travel in turkey. When they say valid visa is so vague and they will give 30 days . I got already my e visa online, well lets see if they ask me to leave on june 21 on expiration of my uk visa. I know sometimes immigration can be really tricky.ahhhh this visa thing is hassle. Thanks for the reply. I will update you.

  37. Patti Orense

    Hi Jing!

    Thank God for people like you who’s always willing to help. I was wondering if i could use the evisa if I want to go to other shengen countries like france and denmark?

    1. findingjing Post author

      You are welcome, Patti. The Turkish e-visa unfortunately is not valid in other Schengen countries because it is not a member of the EU. You will need a separate Schengen visa if you plan to go to Schengen countries as well.

  38. Lynn

    Hi there,just an update, my e-visa is ok. I entered turkey even though my uk visa was about to expire. So I entered turkey last June 17th and leave June 24th even my uk visa expire on june 21. My e-visa can stay until 30 days . The immigration don’t even asking me hotel booking or onward/ return tickets. I just hand my e-visa and everything was fine. I suggest that you should include this information about holding a valid visa from uk schengen or USA Japan which is ok if it’s not going to be valid during the duration of the intended travel in turkey. I think as long as you enter turkey with a valid visa from uk schengen countries or USA, it wont matter if it’s going to expire before u leave turkey. Just a suggestion. I keep reading your blogs very helpful. Do u have Facebook page? I’d like to follow you there.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi again Lynn! I really appreciate you providing us updates. Will definitely update the info on my blog. This will be very helpful information. My fb page is Finding Jing and IG: findingjing. Thanks a lot! Happy travels!


    hello Jing! I’m going to apply for a tourist visa this coming August pa.I’m married to a Turkish National and he sent an invitation already but he wasn’t able to courier the bank statement. Are they going to require original bank cert from my hubby or a scanned email copy will do?

    There is a question in the application form about who’s gonna pay for my trip and stay there,is it okay that I will cross mark both (myself and the host)? But the airfare ticket will be provided by my hubby.Is medical insurance mandatory or optional? How much money should I have in my bank? Thanks…

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Marelle! Sorry, but I’m not sure whether they accept scanned bank certificates. In case you submit this, sasabihin naman nila if you need to submit the original. If your hubby can send the original, pwede pa naman makahabol before August. Did you try marking both yourself and the host dun sa who will pay for your trip? Was it accepted by the system? If yes, then you’re good. If not, you can just maybe explain during the interview. You can still apply for the visa even without travel insurance. I only paid when I got the visa. Php 100,000 up may be enough.

  40. Tine

    Hello! About sa sponsor po for turkish visa. Is it okay if the sponsor(parents) is here in the philippines? Or the invitee should also be the sponsor? If it’s the first case what documents do i need? Salamat po 🙂

    1. findingjing Post author

      Visa sponsorship means that someone from the country you are visiting is taking responsibility for you while in that country. Hence, if you’re getting a sponsor fro a Turkish visa, then that sponsor should be someone who lives/works in Turkey who can support you financially while in Turkey.

      1. Tine

        I see. But is it okay lang po to present my parents’ itr or financial statement as supporting documents since they are going to finance my trip? Thank you 🙂

        1. findingjing Post author

          Hmmm…honestly, hindi ko po alam ang isasagot. hehe. You can try po, or are you open to the idea of your parents transferring money to a bank account under your name?

  41. sheryl

    hi im planning to apply for tourist visa.turkish ang husband ko and his working in germany .we plan na pumunta ng turkey sa august. newly wed kami so wala pa yung authenticated na marriage contract namin at d pa ako nagchanged thinking kung sasabihin ko ba na married ako or hindi since d pa nachanged passport ko.

  42. Chona

    Hi Jing,

    Thanks a lot for your blog. Super helpful! We are planning to apply for a tourist visa. I already have a transit US visa. Do you have any idea if a transit US visa is already a valid visa and can be accepted by the embassy.

    Thanks a lot

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Chona. Glad you find it useful. Unfortunately, I am not sure whether a transit US visa will suffice for an e-visa. The site only indicates valid US visa. It is best to contact the Turkish embassy to be sure.

  43. Ron

    Bring $60. There are no ATMs and Currency exchange inside the village.

  44. Tine

    Hehe. I suppose i’ll try an affidavit of support na lang po. Thank you, Ms. Jing. Hopefully ma-approved ako 🙂

  45. Ela

    My appointment is in 2 days and I still haven’t received an email confirmation from the embassy. I already called them about this and they just told me to check my email or submit my application. I can only see my appointment whenever i check my application status through the reference number they gave. I’m not from Manila so I’m a little bit worried that they won’t let me in and that I’d be forced to make another appointment and come back. Is it okay if i just print the pre application page with appointment date and time on their website and present this instead?

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Ela! Did you also check your spam mail? Baka dun napunta yung acknowledgement email nila? If you really did not receive email but the confirmation is indicated online on the embassy page,printing that to show the guard is a good idea.

  46. alwayssummer

    Hi Jing! I’d like to ask if you need a transit visa on your lay over flight to Turkey. I haven’t booked yet but just in case the lay over will take too long, I might as well check the city. Probably its Abu dhabi or Quatar. Please let me know 🙂

  47. Marie

    Hello Jing!

    Great blog! Question: my point of entry from manila to turkey is Dubai. Do I need to bring my MNL-DBX-MNL ticket during visa application? Also, once turkish visa is approved, is it still required to purchase travel insurance? Thanks!

  48. Jozeny

    HEllo jing,

    We will going to visit turkey on Sept. it’s together with Japanese crew. I’m holding multiple visa to Japan but they already change the requirements policy so I need to apply for sticker visa. I just want to make sure if I really need to have insurance before applying visa? Please email me please Thank you

  49. Antonette

    Hi jing,I’m going to get a Turkish tourist visa,and this is also my first time….I have my Turkish boyfriend,he and he’s family wants me to visit to Turkey or maybe we’ll also get married there,but he don’t know how and where to send the invitation letter though he can’t speak English….can you please message me here is my email,,please I need your help….thank you!!!

  50. luxary

    hi.. just want to ask..paano po mag pa resched ng appointment ? kse nung pumunta ako nung sched ko ng appointment ko di ako pinapasok ng guard sa loob kse naiwan ko pala xerox ng nbi ko and nung appointment.. i pa resched ko nlng daw.. how po ba ?

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi! As far as I can remember, you can reschedule by accessing your online application using the code the system emails you to retrieve your application data. Dun po yata sa “schedule appointment”, may option to reschedule.

  51. Claudine Molo

    I am currently filling up the application form online. How many days before they confirm a scheduled appointment?

    Also, this is a really big help for. Thank you for making this article. I don’t know what I’ll be doing without you.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello! Thanks a lot for your comment. You will be the one to choose an appointment date based on the available slots which you will know once you click through the appointment page.

      1. Claudine Molo

        Hello again. I just want to ask if I still need NBI clearance or something else of that scope? Sorry for being makulit. I have no one else to ask things about this. Thank you.

  52. Shelly

    Hi there. We’ll travel as a family. Do you think that personal appearance of ALL traveling participants is needed? Or one participant will do who’ll pass all the requirements?

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello Shelly. Sorry, I’m not sure either if all of you needed to personally appear at the embassy. Pero may nakasabay ako nung nag-apply ako, he’s submitting additional requirements for somebody else.

  53. Nanie Catadman

    We have been issued a Schengen visa last year but has already expired (15 days). We planned to travel again to Europe via Istanbul. Can we use our old/expired Schengen visa to support our application for a Turkish evisa? We planned to travel early next year.

  54. Wanderer Juan

    Hi is the sticker visa valid for land borders or is it only possible for flights into Turkey? I’m planning to cross the border from either Armenia or Iran as I’ll include these countries in one trip.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello! I have not tried crossing land borders from another country into Turkey by land, but the fact that Filipino passport holders will require sticker or e-visa in Turkey, either type of visa as long as it is valid will likely be checked at the border. When we took the bus trip from Cappadocia to Antalya, there was actually one bus stop when our passports (and visa) were checked. This is just a local trip and I would anticipate that the same will be checked when crossing borders by land.

      1. Zoe

        Ito rin sana question ko, travelling to turkey from there crossing land borders going to kurdistan erbil iraq. Ibig sabihin depende sa visa mo kung pwede ka mg crossing to other country or not.
        Pag sasakay nalang ng airplaine punta kurdistan, ganun din kaya?
        Or depende parin sa visa mo.

  55. Clau

    Can someone help/answer, please. My scheduled flight is on the 24th this October and my appointment is on the 16th. Am I going to have some problem here? Thank you.

    1. alwayssummer

      Hi Clau, how long did you wait for your visa to arrive? I’m also having the same problem 🙁 Please help. My flight is Nov 14 and my appointment is Nov 7 (earliest on the website).

  56. Alex

    Hi Jing! May I know the questions the consul will ask? Also, if I get denied, how many days can I apply again? Thank you!

    1. findingjing Post author

      I went with a friend but he applied through the e-visa route. I was only asked and required to submit a copy of his passport and e-visa. Just go to the embassy with the complete documents (prepare and submit an itinerary as well), be confident and answer the questions truthfully with a smile and you’re good to go! 🙂

    2. findingjing Post author

      I went with a friend but he took the e-visa route. I was only asked and required to submit a copy of his passport and e-visa. Just bring complete documents (also prepare itinerary) on your interview date, be confident and answer questions truthfully and with a smile and you’re good! 🙂 I don’t know how many days before re-application. You can always ask from the embassy, but I hope you won’t need to ask that. Good luck po!

      1. Alex

        Thank you for replying! Is it required for us to buy a plane ticket or this only applies to those who will be applying an e-visa? Also, did you choose single or multiple entry in the online form?

  57. len

    I was never interviewed when applied for visa, neither the other applicants that day on tourist visa. All the documents were just accepted.

  58. Sab

    Hi Jing! i’m currently in the process of turkish business visa application for a conference on nov 22-25. is there a minimum time frame with regards to granting of visa before the intended dates of travel? really hoping umabot…

    1. findingjing Post author

      Visa processing is about 7 working days from the date of submission of COMPLETE documents at the embassy. If your interview date is at least two weeks before your scheduled flight, then that’s I think enough time for the processing. Just make sure you bring complete requirements and other supporting docs with your during the interview so as to avoid having to come back again for the additional submission.

      1. Sab

        Hi Jing! Just an update. So we went to our appointment at the embassy last Friday 11/3, and we made sure all our requirements are complete. But the girl named Gladys, a pinay who seemed to be the assistant, asked for additional documents from us (marriage cert and PRC license) so we had to come back today.
        Finally this AM, she accepted our application together with all our papers, as well as payment of 120USD.
        She was so cold, unaccommodating and the exact opposite of “nice”. She called the next applicant before I could even finish talking. She said there is no other way to ff-up the status of our visa app, but to come back on Nov 20 (Our flight btw is also on Nov 20…I know right?!).
        Also, she did not give us an acknowledgment receipt for the payment.
        Ganun ba talaga yun? Thank you.

        1. findingjing Post author

          Whoa! Sorry to hear that. That’s a difficult situation,unsure whether you’ll get your visa and knowing only the same day as your flight date. The option I see here is to rebook your flight after Nov 20, if that’s possible. I know she’s not an easy person to talk to, and that following up by phone is like impossible. She must have given you the acknowledgement receipt though.

  59. Joven

    Hi Jing, Good day. I just want to ask some help regarding my situation. Currently I am working in Kurdistan Region, Iraq but presently I am here in Phils. for annual vacation, Unfortunately, all international flights going to Kurdistan region has been cancelled starting September 30, 2017 and allowed are domestic flights only. One way to go back is through Bahgdad then to Kurdistan Region however, we need a transit visa for this route and it takes 30 days to acquire it. The company advised me to get a Turkish Visa as an alternate way to reach Kurdistan Region. Is there any chance that I can get it? Is there any agency that can assist with me? Thanks for all your help.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hi Joven! You can try going through the procedure in this post,or evisa route if you’re qualified. I know someone who got a Turkish tourist visa just so he can take advantage of the 10 hrs transit time in Istanbul and was approved. Sorry I do not know any agency.

        1. George

          Hello Sab

          May I know if you were able to get the business visa? Is 2 weeks enough?

          I’m also planning to go this March 28-31 for a business fair.

          And yeah that B#tch Gladys is so unpleasant to deal with. I applied last 2016 and got approve though.


  60. Vin

    hello there. Currently I am working in Saudi Arabia after a week I will go on Philippines for my annual vacation. Here is my concern, I am planning to go Turkey by January 2018 but I don’t have time to process it here and since I have a lot of time in Philippines can i process it there? If ever requirements will be same? If you have any idea .. Please let me know. GB =)

    1. Len

      You can definitely apply in KSA. There are a few Filipino KSA expat blogs out there sharing the requirements. But do not forget to schedule an appointment online selecting the KSA consulate.

      1. Vin

        Hi len , thanks for your reply. The policy has been changed lately and confirmed with the Turkish Embassy here in KSA. All tourist visa must be done with affiliated Agency. When I went to Agency they need at least one month and in my case I will travel to Philippines on the 30th of November and I don’t want to take a risk if any delay of issuing the visa if ever.

        So sad I don’t have any same case as an OFW applying visa during vacation however I contacted Jing and she helped me a lot , praying that there’s no issue about the bank statement since it was issued here , No ITR coz I am an OFW.

        God bless.

  61. Yusuf Sky Santos

    Just an update for those who will apply as tourist. Result of application will be received after 10 working days, so it is about after 2 weeks. Better if you apply way ahead of your travel date/plan to avoid time constrain. 🙂

  62. Yusuf Sky Santos

    TIPS: For those who will commute going to Turkish Embassy, Never alight at MRT Ayala Station to go at Dasmarinas Village. From map view, Ayala has the easiest and accessible way to go inside Paraiso St. but from that gate they do NOT have a shuttle that will bring you inside the embassy. Shuttle is at the gate of Dasmarinas Village, MRT Magallanes station.

  63. Tomas Benjamin Abella Lastrilla

    Hi, Jing

    I understand that the Dasmarinas guard wont let you in the village if you dont have an appointment but since I can go into the village anyway, does the embassy check your appointment date? Im travelling on Feb 28 and the soonest appointment I can get is Feb 19. So gipit sa oras.

    Do you remember if the embassy itself checked your appointment schedule?

  64. Grace

    Hi po, pwede po mg.ask how to apply for family unification visa, d ko po alam pano mgsimula. I’m married to a turkish national. Thank you p0!

  65. Dezzybeauty

    For filipina wife na asawa ng turkish citizen sa kinasal sa pina visit my youtube channel dezzybeauty.nka upload dun sa channel ko kung pano mag process ng family unification visa at mga requirements.i am pinay turkish citizen wife also at 5month nako dito sa turkey now

    1. marelle

      hello @dezzybeauty! i received an email last March 6 that my spousal visa was approved pero di ako nakapunta coz I got sick. I’m planning to go there on 26th.How many days or months ba binibigay nila for a spousal visa?thanks

  66. Andi

    Hi Jing good day we have an appointment on Apr 2, 2018 and our flight to Istanbul will be on Apr 16th. Given we have submitted complete docs, is it possible they will release our passport (regardless if visa is approved or not) before our flight on the 16th? Unfortunately, flight reschedule is not an option and that’s the earliest we can find. Thank you.

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello! Based on the comments here, passport release ranges from 5-10 working days. Parang paiba-iba po depende siguro sa number of applications. Mine was 5 working days po. You can probably request for an earlier release should they schedule it after April 16. The best I can advice is to prepare all necessary and supporting docs po so they can start processing on the date of your original appointment. 🙂

        1. findingjing Post author

          Hello Haydee! My visa was valid from the date of my arrival in Turkey until my departure date, based on the e-ticket I submitted. As in sakto lang sa travel dates.

  67. Rhea

    We are planning to go to Turkey this August 2018. Can we apply for visa this early (within March)? Thanks Jing! Very helpful info. You are right. There’s not much useful info when you access the embassy site.

  68. serhat

    hello rhea, I think March is too early for apply. ı guess, It would be better if you apply a month before your flight date. I hope you’ll like the turkey. have a nice holiday. greetings from Turkey…

  69. ianTan

    Hi Jing!

    Great write-up! I almost read all comments and replies, but did not see scenario loke mine. Curious ako at concerned sa requirement na “Hotel Booking”. I will be travelling from Georgia to Dubai and will have a 18 hour stop over in Istanbul. I want to maximize my stop over and see the city for several hours. Would having no Hotel Bookings, in my case as a “day-tour tourist” affect my visa being denied?

    What suggestions/recommendations can you possibly give?

    1. findingjing Post author

      Hello! Thanks for your comment. I know someone who also transited to Istanbul (from Israel) on his way back to the Philippines and did the same as you intend to do. No need for hotel booking as they will see from your plane ticket that you’re only transiting for several hours, and you can explain at the Embassy. He successfully got a Turkish visa and was able able to go around Istanbul.

        1. findingjing Post author

          Do you have an insurance covering your travel period from Georgia to your final country of destination? You can use that if you have. I did not submit proof of travel insurance during my appointment date at the embassy but I did purchase after I got the visa.

          1. ianTan

            i dont have insurance yet.
            Would it be ok to ask about Georgian Visa application here? Just wanted to ask if travel insurance is required for Georgian Visa.
            Thanks in advance.

  70. can

    My filipino friend wants to travel Turkey. But she doesnt need a sponsor. So, does she still need an invitation letter from me?

  71. Mercy Mendez

    They denied me.I am a dentist and i have been working for 7 years.Actually this is the first time in my life my visa apply denied 🙂 Anyway maybe they are just looking for so rich tourists or i dont know 🙂

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