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Thank you for stopping by. I’m Jing.

My love for travel began when I was given the opportunity to travel to different regions of the Philippines and a few places outside the country as part of my work as an environmental specialist.  My travels started with official business trips and doing side trips after work with my colleagues, who have also been my close friends and travel buddies.

Realizing how fun and enriching it is to discover diverse places in the country, we then started planning and taking trips of our own on weekends or one vacation leave (and "planned" sick leave) at a time.  Now that most of my friends started to have kids of their own, priorities have changed and traveling with them became a rare opportunity. 

That was when I took the leap to try traveling on my own.  The freedom I felt from enjoying my own companion and exerting effort to interact with strangers (Yes, it’s an effort for me. Being an introvert, initiating interaction with other people does not come natural for me) opened up a whole new discovery of myself.

While discovering how meaningful it is to explore my own country, learn my own culture, experience new cultures and gain friends in the process, I also discovered a passion for photography.  Photography for me is synonymous to taking a vacation. It relaxes me, it kick-starts my creativity, it clears my mind, it makes me happy, it opens up new perspectives, and allows me to come back to reality feeling recharged.

One thing more about photography...I have a thing about doors.  I don't know why, but doors to me are like human beings with a soul.  Each has a different story to tell.  I've actually compiled in an e-book some of my favorite door shots from my travels. I called it Doorsgraphy.  You can have it for free by subscribing to my blog.

Photo by: Elena Taeza


Why I blog?

  • I take a LOT of pictures during my travels and I believe I can inspire others to go out and travel by taking them to the places I’ve been through my photos, plus a little story of my experience.
  • I have put up this site to share not only stories of my travel, and fantastic vistas and moments as I saw it, but also hope to steer the readers’ awareness on the need for environmental protection and responsible tourism. I have a blog on the Different Ways You Can Travel Green, and I invite you to read and hopefully get something from it.  You are free to shoot me a comment if you have something else to add or to remark.
  • I don’t claim to be a travel expert. I am on the same journey as you, learning continuously as I savor one travel experience at a time.  But I will include destination details as much as I can and tips based on my own travel experience.  Don’t be shy to ask for anything and I’ll reply to your comments/queries the best way I could.


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