The Beach and Hills of Aglicay Beach Resort, Romblon

We were ending our 5-day trip to Romblon after exploring San Agustin, Sibuyan Island and Carabao Island.  Left with half a day free before our return flight, we visited Aglicay Beach Resort upon the recommendation of our friends who are from Romblon.

Coming from Carabao Island, we decided to visit Aglicay Beach Resort in the town of Alcantara in Tablas Island, Romblon on our last day before catching our 1 PM flight back to Manila.  The airport is also in Alcantara and is less than 30 minutes drive from the resort.


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Getting to Aglicay Beach Resort

Aglicay Beach Resort

Here’s how we got to Aglicay Beach Resort from Carabao Island:  caught 5:30 AM passenger boat ride from Carabao Island to Sante Fe in Tablas (Php 100), rode jeep to Looc until the intersection of Looc-bound and Alacantara-bound road (Php 50), then rented a motorcycle ride to take us to Aglicay Beach Resort.  Since we have limited time left before our return flight, we arranged with our driver to wait for us at the Aglicay Beach Resort to take us later also to the airport.  We haggled for Php 500 for the motorcycle ride shared by two of us.

As we approached the resort from a secluded road, the blue ocean and verdant mountains slowly came into view.  We knew we were in for a relaxing place to chill before we leave Romblon. If you're either a beach lover or a mountain lover, Aglicay Beach Resort will suit both personalities.

Aglicay Beach Resort


Aglicay Beach Resort

Our stomachs were rumbling when we arrived so ordering breakfast was our first activity.  While waiting, we just enjoyed the beach front views from their restaurant.  For day trippers like us, native open huts are also available.   Those staying overnight can choose between the beachfront rooms and hillside rooms with panoramic views of the beach.

Aglicay Beach Resort

After our satisfying breakfast, we hiked the small hill at one end of the resort for a panoramic view of the beach cove.  Every few steps up presented us with a zoomed out beach and mountain vista.

Tablas, Romblon Tablas, Romblon Tablas, Romblon Tablas, Romblon Tablas, Romblon

About halfway up the hilltop, there’s another set of stairs leading down to another cove at the other side of the resort.   I honestly liked this side of the resort than the main beach area.  There are trees near the coast, perfect for sitting under its shades while feeling sea breeze brushing through your face.  The rocks along the shoreline have unique shapes, some turning golden rust when washed with seawater.

Tablas, Romblon

There are two coves divided by a small hill 

Aglicay Beach Resort

Two separate trails for the hilltop and the way to the other cove

Aglicay Beach Resort

The other side of Aglicay Beach Resort

Aglicay Beach Resort Heading back down the beach, we had time left to enjoy the beach with some snorkeling.  We relished white sand, turquoise waters, seagrass beds, a few fishes, sea urchins and plenty of starfishes scattered on shallow parts of the beach.

Aglicay Beach Resort

Thanks for the nature adventure, Romblon! Till we meet again. 


Aglicay Beach Resort

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Aglicay Beach Resort

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  1. rachelonroute 19 November, 2017 at 09:30 Reply

    Wow, what a location! The colours in your photos are breathtaking. I bet snorkelling in those waters was a real treat!

  2. amit 20 November, 2017 at 21:52 Reply

    You do realize I’m sitting in cold and wet England while reading this post Haha. As I was reading this I had one of those I wish I could just jump into these pictures moment, the views look stunning. I love being in places where they have those hills so you can get a full panoramic view of everything below you. It’s those moments when everything just clears from your mind and you can it everything in 😀

  3. Danik 21 November, 2017 at 13:46 Reply

    Take me to this resort now, this looks simply stunning. I am hoping to be in this area next year so if I do, I really want to check out this resort.

  4. Mary 24 November, 2017 at 04:31 Reply

    Gorgeous photographs! The beaches look so inviting and the water looks crystal clear. I definitely have to go to Romblon when I visit the Philippines.

  5. Kerri 24 November, 2017 at 07:03 Reply

    The Phillipines are become a place to see for very good reason. The natural landscapes, like Indonesia nearby are just so stunning and often times so serene. It’s not that far from my country so I need to make sure I get there sooner rather than later.

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