How to Get a Turkish Tourist Visa from the Philippines


(Updated October 2017)


Philippine passport holders, like me, would need a Turkish visa to enter Turkey.  Before the trip, I was looking through the internet on how to do this from the Philippines.  And here’s what I have learned…there is very little information about the application process and requirements, and whatever little information is available, is mostly outdated.  Which is why I’m providing this information here, for all those Filipinos wanting to visit Turkey and needing a Turkish tourist visa.

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Turkish tourist visa from the Philippines

There are two ways to apply for Turkish tourist visa:


1. Apply e-visa online through This is the easiest way to get a Turkish visa.  However, in order to be eligible to apply for a tourist e-visa, you must satisfy the following requirements listed:

visa 1

If you have a valid visa or residence permit from any one of the Schengen countries, or you have a valid US, UK or Ireland visa, then getting a Turkish e-visa will be a breeze.  Just follow through the instructions online and fill up the required fields.  After this, you’ll be prompted to pay online.  The cost is 20 USD.  After payment, your e-visa can then be downloaded.  Print your e-visa and bring on your trip, along with your other travel documents.  Make sure that you satisfy all the pre-requisites and that you can show your valid Schengen, US or UK visa during your travel.


2. If you do not qualify for an e-visa application, you have to apply for a sticker visa (meaning the normal visa that will be stamped on your passport) at the Turkish embassy. Address of the embassy in the Philippines is below:

2268 Paraiso Street, Dasmariñas Village Makati City, 1222 Philippines

The gate to Dasmariñas Village can be reached just as you get down from MRT Magallanes station (you have to cross, if coming from North Avenue or going southbound).

Before going to the embassy, you should already have submitted an online application form and have scheduled appointment.  These can be done through this website:

Do not attempt to go to the embassy without a confirmation e-mail of online appointment.  The guard at the Dasmariñas village gate will not let you in the village without proof of appointment confirmation.


Here are the steps to submitting a pre-application for sticker Turkish tourist visa:


a. Go to

b. At the upper center portion, select Philippines in the “Select Country” drop down list. Then select Turkish Embassy in Manila in the “Select Mission” field.  Next, in the “Make Appointment” beside “Select Mission” field, choose Visa Pre-Application for Foreign Citizens.

c. Part 1: Nationality and Visa Details. Carefully complete the required information, then Save and Proceed.

d. Part 2: Personal Information.  If you are eligible for an e-visa, you can click, “Proceed with e-visa” and you will be directed to  Otherwise, click “Continue online form”.

e. Carefully read the Visa Conditions, as follows, and check “I agree with the statements above.” Completely fill-up your personal details.


f. After clicking Save and Proceed, you will get this message:

An e-mail will be sent to the email address you indicated, providing you with a Reference Code.  Copy the code and input this to the Reference No. box.

g. Part 3: Contact Information. Completely fill-up all required fields.

h. Part 4: Travel Information. Completely fill-up all required fields.

i. Part 5: Required Documents. Prepare the required documents for a Tourist Visa, as listed above. You will need e-copies of these for uploading in their online system.  Upload the required documents in the “upload documents” page. An acceptable biometric photo is a 2×2 ID photo on a white background.

As indicated in Step e, those applying with sponsor from Turkey should have an invitation letter, with the required information. Other supporting documents from the sponsor could include:

– bank statement

– salary payrolls

– certificate of employment

h. Verify your details and then click Submit.  Download and print your Visa Pre-Application form in pdf format. You need to bring and submit this to the embassy on your scheduled appointment, together with the supporting documents.

In case you haven’t finished and submitted your application, you can later save your uncompleted application form and retrieve your encoded details.  To retrieve this, you can go to “Application/Appointment Status” and enter your Application Reference Number. This is the same reference code emailed to you in Step f.

i. After online submission, you can now schedule for an appointment at the Turkish Embassy in Manila, also through their website. You will see a link for this after your online submission. You will receive an email confirmation of your online application and selected appointment date. Print this, as well, to show the guard at the Dasmariñas village gate and at the Turkish embassy guard.

Bring your printed Application Form, email confirmation of appointment and one set of all the required documents (original and photocopy) and your 2 x 2 photo, at the date of your appointment.

j. Be present at the Dasmariñas village gate at least 30 minutes before your appointment date. If you have a car and a non-resident of the village or arrive through taxi, you will not be able to get through the gate because only the designated service vehicle inside the village is allowed to take you to the embassy.

Dasmariñas village is home to embassies of other countries other than Turkey, like India, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea.  The shuttle service is for all visitors to these embassies.  The shuttle will first take you to the Dasmariñas village administrative office, for you to pay Php 150 (roundtrip).  Expensive, huh?! That’s the way it is! After all, you’re inside the rich and famous’ village.  It is, hence, important to always check that you bring ALL requirements with you.  Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for the transport service each time you go back to the embassy.  The Turkish embassy only accepts visa applicants from 9 to 11 AM.

As for me, aside from the standard requirements, I was asked for my friend’s Turkish e-visa and copy of his passport and visa page (US, Schengen, Ireland or UK).  The consul asked who I’m going with and when she learned that my friend already has an e-visa, she required me to show and submit her the additional documents.

i. Once all documents are accepted, you will be asked to pay for the visa fee, which is 60 USD for single entry tourist visa. A claim stub indicating the date of visa release will be provided. In my case, I got my visa after 7 working days.  Some visa applicants I chatted with informed me that visa processing time varies from 3 days to one week.

That’s it! I hope this information helps you with securing a Turkish tourist visa. Good luck!

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