International Mountain Museum

The Museum with a Mountain View Inside and Out


International Mountain Museum

The museum features not only records of the successful climbs to the peaks of the Himalaya and the rest of the world, but also showcases indigenous inhabitants of the mountain regions of Nepal and displays climbing equipment, clothes and gears.

International Mountain Museum entrance ticket

Entrance (as of April 2014): Foreigner - Rs 300; SAARC Citizen - Rs 100, Nepalese - Rs 50, Student (Nepalese) Rs 25


I’ve learned that Sherpas are one of the ethnic groups of Himalayas living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet.  I have heard of the word sherpa referring to exprerienced guides on mountain expeditions or to leaders guiding a group (I encountered it being used to refer to leaders of a volunteer group in Manila).

International Mountain Museum

north face old bag

I never knew North Face bags existed that long

climbing knots

Climbing knots: how many kinds can you make?

International mountain museum

recovered oxygen cylinders on Mt. Everest

mountaineering waste clean-up

Salute to these men who worked for several weeks to remove trash (old oxygen cylinders, tents and other metal wastes) generated by mountaineers, working their way almost to the summit.

Tale of the Yeti

Tale of the Yeti

X-files: the tale of the Yeti. Are you a believer?

International Mountain Museum prayer room

A Buddhist prayer room inside the museum

toilet sign, Nepal

Toilet sign, Nepali way

International Mountain Museum

International Mountain Museum

The museum may not be that interactive and can be classified as a conventional museum, but the right side of the building offers spectacular backdrop of the three Himalayan peaks rising 8,000 m above: Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Manaslu.  No other museum can beat that! But as unlucky as I am, the clouds obscured my views of the Himalayas, so I have to go by this:

International Mountain Museum


Leaving Pokhara With a Heavy Heart

There was a short but strong thunderstorm on the late afternoon during my last day in Pokhara.  And as the saying goes, after every storm, there comes clear open skies.  Before leaving my guesthouse within the Lakeside area for an early morning bus trip back to Kathmandu, I paid another visit to the banks of Phewa Lake and was rewarded with these views:

Lakeside, Pokhara

Lakeside, Pokhara

Lakeside, Pokhara

Oh, how I wish to go up back up the Sarangkot hill or the World Peace Pagoda or the International Mountain Museum or go boating by the lake, but I had to be leaving in a few minutes time.

Annapurna range, Pokhara

Peeking through the bus window with this sight breaks my heart apart. Goodbye, Pokhara! See you again…


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